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Down the Pantser Vortex with Annalisa Parent: Live on KYGT with author Jerry Fabyanic

Down the Pantser Vortex with Annalisa Parent: Live on KYGT with author Jerry Fabyanic

Down the Rabbit Hole Pantser Vortex  with Annalisa Parent: Live on KYGT with author Jerry Fabyanic

Hi Writers and Muse Daters.

Today we have a special edition of the Writing Gym podcast. Our resident Writing Coach Annalisa Parent was interviewed by author Jerry Fabyanic LIVE on KYGT–Idaho Springs, CO about her upcoming book Storytelling for Pantsers. Jerry has generously provided us with the audio of that interview and allowed us to air it here on the Writing Gym podcast.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to write without an outline (by the seat of your pants)
  • How to know where to go after completing your first draft
  • How writing your book out of order can unleash creativity
  • How plot cards can help you revise your novel
  • How to optimize your brain to be a better writer
  • How peer-to-peer feedback can be harmful to your novel
  • Where to start with your story
  • How to choose the right editor

You may already know some fun quirks about Annalisa, but do you know that…Writing Gym Podcast

Annalisa is a writing coach who helps writers start, finish and bring writing publication in all genres. She is the senior editor at Laurel Elite Books and is an English professor at Norwich University’s undergraduate and graduate programs. Annalisa has an upcoming book called Storytelling for Pantsers.Writing Gym Podcast



Storytelling for Pantsers Storytelling for Pantsers will be released October 1. 

Laurel Elite Books

Jerry Fabyanic

Sisyphus Wins

The Writing Gym

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The Writing Gym Podcast is hosted by Andi Brixey, Personal Trainer in The Writing Gym.

It features Annalisa Parent, the resident writing coach in The Writing Gym.

Audio Production by Tito Heiderer

“Happy Go Lucky” Theme Composed by Rob Taylor

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