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A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publish and Sell your Books

A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publish and Sell your Books

A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publish and Sell Your Books


In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to write the quality book that will sell your self-published books
  • How to self-publish
  • How to balance the quality of your book with the freedom that self-publishing gives to you
  • How to sell your self-published book
  • How to market your self-published books
  • How to get your name out there



This week’s podcast features four exceptionally accomplished writers, life coaches, and publishers:

Life Coach Petros GalanoulisPetros Galanoulis is an intuitive personal crisis coach who is currently completing his psychology degree. He is a seasoned public speaker who works with individuals as well as businesses to better the mental health of Australian staff. He is the author of “You Got This- 7 Steps To Effectively Solving Any Crisis Better, Faster

Life Coach and Author Barb Klein

Barb Klein is the founder of Inspired Possibility. She is a certified life coach, writer, teacher and retreat leader from Rochester, New York. Barb is committed to supporting others in living authentically and fully. Her first book (congratulations!) is “111 Invitations”. It offers a pathway of possibility and understanding, and explores the full range of human experience and emotion.

Kim Tavendale is the best-selling author of “The Art of Positivity”.Life coach and author Kim Tavendale She is also a life coach, leading wedding officiant and life celebrant in the Denver area. Kim has a passion for helping people, especially women, grow into the best version of themselves. Along with Rose Chamberlain and Carol Marquiss, Kim is a founder of “The Inner B Word”, a movement designed to empower women to reclaim the word and take it as a compliment. It is now an acronym that stands for Beauty, Intelligence, Tenacity, Confidence, and Humor.

Author Jim DefilippiWe shine our spotlight on Jim Defilippi. Jim is the owner of Brown Fedora Books and the author of 26 books varying in genre from mystery to military history. He grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood called Duck Alley on Long Island, wrote and taught school in northern Vermont for 30 years, is a Vietnam era war veteran, father of two, grandfather of two, and husband of 49 years. Jim has a deep and buried history and he’s here to share how his life journey has led him to be an experienced and well-rounded author.




Love what our panel has to say? Get more of their great tips in the Writing Gym.

Petros, Barb, Kim and Jim give great tips in the Writing Gym on:

How to conquer uncertainty

How to conquer uncertainty

How to get the most out of proofreading

PLUS an extended interview with Jim DeFilippi

Haven’t joined the Writing Gym yet?  What are you waiting for? No leopard-print leotards required. Find out how you can give your writing the workout to success here


Mentioned in this podcast:

You Got This- 7 Steps To Effectively Solving Any Crisis Better, Faster

Inspired Possibility

111 Invitations

The Art of Positivity

Brown Fedora Books




Our resident writing expert, coach and published author Annalisa Parent had an extensive pencil collection when she was a kid. She even displayed it at the town library.










The Writing Gym Podcast is hosted by Andi Brixey, Personal Trainer in The Writing Gym.

It features Annalisa Parent, the resident writing coach in The Writing Gym.

Audio Production by Tito Heiderer

“Happy Go Lucky” Theme Composed by Rob Taylor

Theme Music Performed by Clint Bierman



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